Madeline Island is the largest of the Apostle Islands and has just over a handful of restaurants to choose from, all located on the main street in La Pointe. A select few of the restaurants are open year-round however many have reduced hours or are closed for the winter months. Be sure to call ahead if you are visiting from November to the beginning of May.

Many of the best options for restaurants on Madeline Island include sitting on a back deck like at the popular Beach Club watching the boats come and go on Lake Superior. You’ll also get an authentic island vibe by having a drink at Tom’s Burned Down Café, a local watering hole that looks to be taken off a beach in the Caribbean and set within this amazing little island town in Northern Wisconsin.

Madeline Island Restaurants – Recommendations & Locations

For local must-eats on Madeline Island, you shouldn’t miss the fish boil at The Pub located at the Inn on Madeline that’s usually whitefish and can come as fish & chips or a sandwich. Another must-try is Wisconsin’s famous cheese curds. Every restaurant up here has its own special twist on this classic snack.

If you are looking for quick eats, we suggest checking out the Rockhouse Food Truck in Lapointe. Otherwise, the closest option for fast food is in Ashland. For those looking for a cool, tasty treat on those hot summer days, we suggest having ice cream at Grampa Tony’s.

If you’re camping and looking to cookout during your stay on Madeline Island, we suggest getting supplies at Lori’s Store that offers a small grocery and liquor store. That said, supplies are limited and you’ll be paying island prices. If you’re spending multiple days camping, we’d recommend that you stock up on the mainland for you essential supplies.

No matter what you’re searching for we hope you’ve come hungry because there are plenty of great restaurants to choose from that serve mouthwatering island specials.

Location Map for All Restaurants on Madeline Island

Below you can find a location map for all restaurants, cafes, fast food, bars, and grocery stores located in La Pointe on Madeline Island.

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